Git’s most interesting understandable basic usage: 33 has been selected for Amazon Japan Kindle Monthly Sale

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At the Kindle monthly sale held on, “Interesting Basic usage 33 that Git understands” was selected which was co-authored by our representative Ogushi. Partly because of this, we ranked second in the top-selling computer / IT rankings. It makes me so happy. Thank you very much.

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You can purchase it for half the regular price, 999yen.

The sale price is only for the Kindle version of the e-book. However you can purchase it for about half the price of 999yen. It is a great deal if you ask me. Since it only last a month, the sale period is expected to end when January ends.

I was told to tweet that I was selected for the sale.

It seems that the author probably did not get notify in advance that it was the target of the sale, so he asked me to tweet.

Thank you for letting me know.

All 5 reviews has been well received as 5 stars.


Thank you very much for your positive reviews. Many people around me says, “I have never touched it, but I was able to start Git with this book.” I was very grateful.

Video of the stage at Atlassian’s event

As a connection to this book, in September 2015, I participated in an event by Atlassian, the developer of Git’s desktop client tool SourceTree and the provider of the remote repository service Bitbucket. The content of the paper is to learn how to use Git by using both tools.

In the video, Git is holding a seminar for people for the first time according to the contents of this magazine.
It is a secret but I misunderstood the scheduled time and exceeded my time so therefore I was rushing near the end.

If you haven’t introduced Git in your development, please take this opportunity to try it.

I cannot think of any development without using Git myself. I strongly feel that it is a convenient, easy-to-use and overall good tool. However if the words seem difficult to understand (repositories, commits, conflicts, etc.), or if the level of understanding is different within the team, the result of introducing might be hard to accomplish. Even so, there should be a difference in efficiency in terms of in terms of the levels before and after the introduction of Git.

We hope that this book can help you in starting Git.