It’s not just about
making a website

It’s about growing
your business with WordPress

Our Service

What do we do?

Website production

We will create your website using WordPress. One-stop service from planning, design, coding・WordPress embedding, to operational support after it has been published.

WordPress site
Operational / maintenance support

We offer maintenance and operation support such as WordPress upgrade version. The real challenge starts after the website is published. mgn will be with you along the way in order to pursues better results.

Web marketing support

We provide web marketing support based on access analysis. mgn will propose effective marketing strategies that best uses external portal sites and SNS as well as the utilization of websites.

Event management support

We support online・offline events management. Since mgn has the experience in both in-house sponsored events and customer-sponsored events, we provide support for prepations, attracting customers, and management on the day.

Web technology education

We support web technology education. Please feel free to contact us for in-house training, external lecturers, attending seminars and events, writing books…and more.


Flow based on request

Once contact form is placed.

Based on each client’s case,
we will find the best approach for you
and consult with each client carefully.

On the day of work.

Using the latest & most appropriate tools, we will communicate with each clients at their own pace.

After project completion・Progress check up.

The completion of website is only the beginning. We will work together to improve and fix any issues found after the project.

Our Service

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Ruijinen – Apes
WordPress theme Snow Monkey evolved into a business site with just a few clicks
The WordPress theme Snow Monkey expansion pack「Apes」provides block patterns that simplify your site creation experience, giving you more freedom to explore.
「Apes」 can call various patterns from the edit screen within a touch of a button.
mgn knowledge
Anyone can learn, collect and share the basic knowledge required in the field of Web production
We publish the knowledge and know-how instructions regarding website production in an easy-to-understand manner using videos and texts.
These are prerecorded videos that are being used by members in mgn Co., Ltd., a web production company for work education purposes. These recordings will be released not only inside the company but also outside the company.

mgn is certified as Snow Monkey theme Expert.

We are certified as Snow Monkey theme experts , in which we store immense knowledge and experience from Snow Monkey. In order to improve Snow Money, we will carry out activities including site creations using Snow Monkey themes and block editors.