Operational search index troubleshooting, blog renewal and transition to Shifter: ロードバランス Sudachi-kun

ロードバランス Sudachi-kun」is a technical blog operated by Mr. Shinji Saito, President and CEO of CloudNative Co., Ltd.

The initial issue occurred after Mr. Saito moved this blog to Shifter. The blog disappeared from Google search and thus, Mr. Saito requested mgn to investigate and we responded as follow.

We successfully put back the blog to Google index, following the renewal of the blog and successfully relocate the blog to Shifter – this was the request from Mr. Saito in the beginning.


Solving issue: disappeared from Google search

According to our research, when the blog was moved to Shifter, the URL rule of the article was changed and therefore the content with the same content was sent to Google Search Console as a separate URL via sitemap.xml. As a result, we found that the blog was duplicating its contents by Google and thus being removed and did not appear in the search result.

In order to solve this problem, we remigrated the blog to a regular rental hosting server. After that we looked up the original URL and reverted all the URLs back to the original URL.

Then, we applied again to Google Search Console and succeeded as well as cancelling the violation.

It took about two months from the investigation to the cancellation of the violation. It was not a problem of the contents of the site itself, but a part that depended on the external (Google) mechanism. Thus, it was difficult to grasp the situation and the problem needed to be solved through repeated trial and error.

Renewal of blog and relocation of Shifter

We continued to change the design, created a logo, supported block editor and introduced a search function.

The title of this blog「Sudachi-kun | すだちくん」is the name of Mr. Saito’s ca, and the original blog’s color is orange which is also the base hair color of「Sudachi-kun | すだちくん」. Therefore, during the renewal the design was developed with this key color. Since there was no logo for the blog title, we also created a logo based on「Sudachi-kun |すだちくん」concept.

Snow Monkey theme was used to support the block editor.

Algolia was used for the search function to emphasize the high-speed display result.

After everything, we returned to Shifter hosting and ended the project with relocating to Shifter and a renewal of all search indexes.

To a faster and better navigation website

Following the high-speed display using Shifter and high-speed search using Algolia as well as the easy navigation of block editor, the blog has finally reborn – to a easier navigation blog for both its owner and visitors.

For those who are worried about the problem of display speed, or those who want to migrate sites and blogs but are uncertain whether it can be done smoothly. Don’t hesitate to contact mgn for support! At mgn, we will look at the client’s current site together and will form an achievable goal that can result in a desire outcome for the client.

For consultation request, please feel free to contact us.