about mgn

mgn concept

•• What is best for our clients
•• What is the fastest route to reach our client’s goal

mgn is developing a business that receives requests from clients to create websites, support operations, and gives appropriate advice based on consultation.

Among the many website creation technologies in the world, mgn specializes in creating websites using WordPress.
With a large number of users throughout Japan and around the world, WordPress is a huge time-saver with a library of useful resources easily accessible. Once again, we want to fulfill our client’s goals in a relatively short amount of time.

On the other hand, website creation might not be the only immediate optimal solution to your goals.

If you already own a website, rather than spending money to renew the whole website, you may be able to achieve your goal by making the most of what you have and upgrading or polishing your website or plugins further.
For instance, enriching the pages of external portal services (Rakuten and jalan on travel, Hot Pepper and Tabelog on food services and more) may directly increase your customer sales.
Even putting your voices online directly on SNS could reach the audience you aimed for.

With a limited budget, thinking about what is the most effective strategies for our clients is our goal.
If you are on a limited budget, we will consult and designed the most effective service just for you and your needs. At mgn, it is important to listen to our customer’s voices, which we will together create and form a solution that will works best for our client’s request.

Whether you are thinking of creating or renewing your website, or simply curious about how to use WordPress to create your web service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

mgn strengths

Specialized in WordPress

By specializing in WordPress, we can accumulate knowledge about WordPress, developing our skills and increase the possibility to help you as a client. We know that there are certain request that is complicated or difficult to handle. Therefore, with our expertise in mgn team, we can help you reach that goal. In addition, since WordPress is popular worldwide, it is a huge advantage to be able to access a library full of useful resources and functions, even for clients as well.

Elite teams

mgn is a small team with about 10 employees and external partners. Within that number of members, mgn team can work closely together while the person in charge can observe everyone as a whole. This style prevents miscommunication and ensure absolute quality. Each member of mgn possesses strong individuality, specialize in different fields of the web and most of all friendly. Despite being a small team, each person is able to cover for one another and deal with the project as a whole.

Completion of projects within the company

Being a small company doesn’t mean we won’t be able to complete all the tasks required. Each member of mgn will be handling each field when it comes to website creation and web marketing. We accept individual request, as well as long-term request work. Our system makes it easy and convenient for customers to communicate and consult with us without any hassle.

Enhance education・Learning system

In order to maintain our skills as a team to meet the needs of our clients, mgn is committed to polishing ourselves as individuals and open up to any educational opportunities. In order to level up our member’s skills, all of our basic contents are made into lecture videos, which are then shared with all members. mgn also encourage each members to voluntarily participate in study sessions and web community events in order to polish their abilities and staying motivated. Moreover, members often shared the latest information and exchanging updates with the team.

Major business partners


Company Profile

mgn Co., Ltd
Addressmgn Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Engineering Office
4-23-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
※Please send your mail here.
Established5 October, 2015
Capital stock1,000,000円
Board memberRepresentative director and CEO Hajime Ogushi
Business contentPlanning, designing, producing, operating and managing websites and web content
Production, development and sale of application software
Web service planning and operation
Production, development and sale of web-linked devices
Writing and selling books
Lecture on IT technology and its planning and management
Business partner financial institutionSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


  • Megane became a freelance web creator (May).
  • Opening of Konosu Office. (Sep)
  • [Live-talk] Talk on「Techniques for coder evolution to enhance the project progress」by Megane @CSS Nite(Oct)
  • [Sponsor] WordCamp Niigata 2020(Oct)
  • [Live-talk] Talk on 「Let’s use WordPress with a peace of mind! Security understood using Quiz」@WordCamp Niigata 2019(Oct)
  • Saiki is in charge of Deputy Executive Committee Chairman of WordCamp Tokyo 2020(Nov)
  • [Live-talk] Talk on「Customize WordPress theme with the latest features of Dreamweaver」by Megane @Adobe MAX (Dec)
  • [Event] With Megane Ogushi – Various ways people involved in the Web work, think and live.(Feb)
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