A story: A patch I sent was rejected from WordPress core

On the second day, November 1st of WordCamp Tokyo 2015, as known as the contributor day, I was trying to contribute to WordPress. During that time, I participated in an event to commit to the the core. It’s unusual since I, who was the vice chairman of this event decided to participate in the contributions. See below for WordCamp and Contributions.

I won’t go into details but as a tutorial instructor, I was eager to take the first step as a core committer by doing a simple code refactoring, getting the core file under development from svn, and creating a patch.

It may have been affected by the fact that it happened to be in the schedule with WordCamp NY, as the Good First Bugs for New Contributors, an easy bug ticket for the first committer. Therefore I made the following corrections such as forgetting to attach the bracket, white space, indentation mistake, etc. and sent each patch away. Yet, the ticket was closed and rejected immediately. The comment message at the time is as follow.

Hello, vvwxyutarooo and welcome to Trac.
Thank you for the patch, but code refactoring should not be done just because we can.
See our Core Handbook

I don’t need refactoring because I can do it here (it is translation error so I’ll correct it)
“Refactoring shouldn’t be done just because it is possible to do so,” he said. I apologize for the fact that it was properly written in the attached handbook.
Up until now, from the rumors running around, I had a slight believe that “You can send the first commit with just simple contents,” and I experienced such a story but for those who commit, please read the handbook properly. That is the end of the story.

It was a relieved that Mr. Megane and Mr. Seino of Team LENS who participated together experienced the same result !!